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Survive Strive Thrive, Inc

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Brick and Mortar or Internet Business

Posted on September 17, 2013 at 12:08 AM

The main concerns with brick and mortar used to be location, location, location. However, with the advent of internet; it has a new obstacle. Even the largest much needed brick and mortars are closing because of overhead. (Post Office, Department stores and so on). Then on the other hand a the internet can be a benefit to the brick and mortar. If people can feel they trust you via physical contact at your brick and mortar, they are more apt to feel safe going to your website and doing business. And they will appreciate the convenience. The main concern in an internet only business is 'CAN I TRUST THIS SITE'...big names like department stores, HSN, Pro Flowers, have no problem because they have an established reputation. But for the small new comer to the internet, internet only is going to be a challenge.

Categories: Surviving Covid